We specialize in PHP programming along with MySQL Server, Java Server Pages, Java Script and VBScript.


• Flash
• Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
• Banner Ads
• Event Calendar and Calendar
• Real Media / Media Player Streaming

Finding some one to build a website is easy. Finding some one to build the right website and who will be around to help support it and assist in the growth is very hard to find,. Over half of Software Crafters business comes from site redesigns. Some company had a family friend or a brother-in-law website built and is now paying the price.

They think that the "internet" does not work because no one visits their website.

Like with most things in life... "You get what you pay for." A $500 website will perform like a $500 investment. The more money you spend, typically, the better the result. So it is VERY IMPORTANT to spend you money on the things that matter. You don't need all the bells and whistles, but you do need a solid site design and market strategy.

You can take the time to design a website yourself, but why? You might save a few bucks but your chances of building a successful website are EXTREMELY slim.

Novice site designs stand out like a sore thumb and just because you build a site, does not mean you will start getting web hits. You need a Professional Web Design team. You need Software Crafters.

We offer cutting-edge web solutions at highly cost-effective rates, to give you a successful Internet presence.


Software Crafters are experts in web design, hosting, domain names, e-commerce, content management systems,
IT support & networking.
High Quality Web Solutions at Affordable Prices!