Every web site should be housed on a professionally managed, fully equipped web server.

Our shared "Web Hosting" packages provide the control, flexibility, and reliability needed to create a successful online presence.

We offer 24/7 Customer Phone and E-mail Support.

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Many companies want you to sign up on their website and never speak with any "live person." Well here is our phone number ... 679-929-0812. We won't dodge your issues.

24/7 service and Tier ONE Internet connections.

Our web hosting services are carefully tailored so as to fit into requirements of businesses of varying sizes located in Asia Pacific region.

Supported by 24-hour technical assistance, client websites hosted by us are well-maintained and granted consistent presence in the Internet.

We charge no setup fees and strive to be the cheapest web hosting in Fiji at any time.



Hosting will include for free:
    • DDoS Protection Suite     • SSL
    • PHP 4.3.4 with Zend Optimizer     • Apache
    • OC-48/OC-192 IP backbone Connections     • Spam Filter
    • Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions     • Spam Assasin
    • Verisign (Signio) PayFlo Pro     • Authorize.net support
    • On-site diesel generator     • UPS Power Back-Up
    • Failover Firewall system     • Free email accounts
    • Unrestricted Bandwidth     • UPS online support
    • Weekly full and daily incremental backups     • Perl 5.6.1
    • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee     • Mail Domain Alias
    • Automated Tax Calculation     • High-quality Server
    • Unlimited Autoresponders     • Custom 404 Error Pages
    • Unlimited Email Forwarding     • Multimedia Hosting for free
    • "Catch-all" Email Address     • Streaming Media
    • SMTP Outgoing Server for sending email     • Real audio/Real video
    • Real-time credit card processing     • Microsoft Media
    • Unlimited FTP access (24hrs/day)     • Shockwave Flash
    • Full custom CGI execution capability     • Quicktime Video
    • Daily statistical hit analysis     • MPEG video clips


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